MSNBC Guest Calls Biden-Hitler’s Angry Rant An ‘Urgent Wartime Address’ ⋆ JP


While appearing on Friday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson referred to Joe Biden’s demonic, dictatorial rant against half of America as an “urgent wartime address.”

“The speech last night to me sounded like a president delivering a wartime address,” Robinson told co-host Joe Scarborough. “And indeed, Joe Biden sees this as a battle for the soul of our country. It’s a battle for the preservation of our democracy. To me, the significant thing was, yes, he called out Donald Trump — but he also called out the MAGA Republicans, the MAGA Republican officials and followers, who, for whatever motive, under whatever delusion, are going down this authoritarian path, this undemocratic path and trying to take the nation with them. And he framed this as an emergency, as something that we as a nation need to bond together and to stop, to reverse and to return to our democratic principles and our democratic practices, and to me, it was an urgent wartime address.”

Translation: Heil Fuhrer Biden.

This, even as the lying demented fraud occupying the Oval Office tried to walk back his psycho rant when he told Peter Doocy he really wasn’t going after 75 million Trump supporters.  Even though he went after all 75 million Trump supporters.

But according to Robinson, we’re now at war.  With whom, exactly?

Oh.  That explains it.

Sounds to me like Biden’s unhinged followers want a second bloody civil war, something I wrote about back in 2019:

Opinion: Radical Democrats, allies deliberately pushing America to brink of second bloody civil war

These are not the actions of people with a simple political difference. These are people who clearly want to see the destruction of the United States and the death of those with whom they disagree, even if it results in a second bloody civil war. Debate or discussion is simply not an option as they have no desire to engage in such and would rather ban or silence anyone with a different point of view.

Trust me — this is only going to get a whole lot worse.

It sure sounds like it.

Exit question: How many Republican voters does Scarborough and Robinson want killed in this new war of theirs?


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