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By Chris Lott


Christian millennials supporting Bernie Sanders and socialism in the US? I find this extremely puzzling.

In talking with some of them most have no real idea what socialism truly means. What changes would occur for them personally. Bernie talks a good game of capitalism/socialism which confuses them even more. As in all accomplished socialist spokespeople they paint a compelling story without the negatives.

Democrat socialism misinformation gets spread like a virus by students (sometimes faculty) throughout the universities including Christian conservative values campuses. Some of this direction is driven by the dislike of our current president. Parents have chosen to “keep the peace” and not discuss these political choices in the home. Ignorance is not bliss in the situation we find ourselves today. To those that have been enticed and to those that are dealing with this direction by family members I offer some humble advice.

Some advice.

Young educated church members that believe that socialism is taking us “back to our roots” are misguided. One has only to look at any socialist country to see how that has worked out. Satan is very clever in wooing with a “like” ideology of care for all. Ask a socialist what they believe about human life before birth and a deeper understanding emerges if they’re honest. (most are not)

Socialism is very enticing. For example, “guns are bad and when all are gone we’ll finally have peace and equality”. But has that really happened throughout the socialist world? No. Their governments always use this for power and control. There is a very dark side that should be understood.

Socialism is a growing ideology.

Socialism is a growing ideology with our millennial members whether we like it or not. Many times they blame Trump for their socialist attraction as he’s “uncouth and a man with moral issues”. Probably. But I voted for him in spite of these human flaws as he offered a real chance at restoring freedoms and liberties lost. I could see past the flawed man.

As he fulfills his duties as our President, I have watched his actions with a critical eye. Actions that have turned out to be pretty amazing against some terrible adversity it turns out. He is pro-religion, pro-anti abortion, pro-school choice and overall pro-freedoms/liberties and pro-America which I hold dear. He has also taken action where our more “polished” republican leaders were too afraid to do so. I have found that a less than perfect man can still be found to be remarkable when called upon for great things as we have seen in history time and time again.

Some church leaders have come out against socialism throughout church history. Our membership millennials should think about that. There is wisdom and divine direction for the understanding. This should not be taken lightly.

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