Mother of CPS Child Trafficking Victim Calls On Cortez Masto To Address The CPS Crisis


Last Updated on October 19, 2022

The mother of a CPS child trafficking victim has written to Nevada Democrat senator Catherine Cortez Masto urging the senator to address the crisis of Child Protective Services (CPS) child trafficking that turns foster children into underground prostitutes.

Andrea Wood, the president of California Family Advocacy, is fighting to get her daughter back from foster care and reunify her family. Andrea Wood on behalf of her son (who is now reunited with her and helping her fight the CPS child-trafficking system that he endured) pleads with Senator Catherine Cortez Masto to do something about the CPS trafficking problem. If Catherine Cortez Masto does not act, then her opponent Adam Laxalt could potentially use her inaction against her in November’s U.S. Senate election in Nevada.


I recently produced Save the Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking (WATCH IT HERE) to expose how CPS allegedly snatches kids from homes and hospitals and funnels them into the underground world of child sex slavery. States collect Title IV Social Security money for every child adopted out of foster care, thus creating potential financial incentives for social workers to grab kids from their families and place them into foster care with no hope for family re-unification.

The film spotlighted Contra Costa County, California, where children have died in the CPS system a short distance away from Bohemian Grove, where globalist elites reportedly practice Moloch worship. Meanwhile, Harvard-trained medical doctor Susan Spell’s case against the county of Los Angeles, in which she accuses the county of racial discrimination against her children, is docketed at the U.S. Supreme Court and could end up changing precedent. A Fox affiliate broadcast a video, which was taken by a teenage foster girl, showing a CPS worker trying to coerce the young girl into a life of prostitution:

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