Molly Shannon’s baby shower goes wrong in ‘SNL’ sketch


You ever have that awkward moment where you’re at the office baby shower for your 8-month pregnant co-worker and it turns out she was never really pregnant, she just had gas? If you said yes (that’s weird), you may find this Saturday Night Live sketch strikingly similar.


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Host Molly Shannon plays said pregnant co-worker in this SNL sketch built around one, big fart joke. Thinking she’s to be a mother, everything takes a turn when Shannon bends down and farts. A fart that both breaks Heidi Gardner and turns Shannon’s “baby” into gas.

“Not again,” Shannon yells in anger. “How many times is this going to freaking happen to me.”

As revealed later in the sketch, the answer is four. And if you think Shannon learned her lesson, well, it happens again during the sketch as Shannon’s belly inflates after eating a catfish slider. Serious kudos to the prop master by the way.

It may not be the best sketch of the night (you could argue it was the worst) but if anything, the ending was a blast.

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