Mollie Hemingway WRECKS Jennifer Rubin for Encouraging Biden to Campaign on Attacking SCOTUS


Supposed conservative WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin is one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome we’ve ever seen. She’s covered herself in glory over the years, most recently lamenting that a Trump win in November would create ‘Clarance Thomas’ America’ (as if that would be a bad thing?).

She’s back again with another steaming hot take on what Biden should do concerning the Supreme Court and his campaign:

She writes:

President Biden, at a fundraising appearance last weekend with Jimmy Kimmel and former president Barack Obama, observed that “the next president is likely to have two new Supreme Court nominees.” He added that felon and former president Donald Trump’s appointees have been “very negative in terms of the rights of individuals” and warned that if Trump were elected, he would “appoint two more flying flags upside down.”

The Supreme Court “has never been as out of kilter as it is today,” Biden stressed. He then listed a number of rights (access to contraception, same-sex marriage) that Justice Clarence Thomas has argued should be reconsidered.

Preventing more Trump appointees should be a strong selling point for Biden. But he might not get the chance to appoint justices — or at least, not right away. Moreover, the current court’s ideological excesses as well as its ethical blunders cry out for long-term, serious court reform. Will Biden push for such measures?


She’s something else.

They’re not ‘objective’ — Rubin has been so broken by Trump she can’t see objectivity.


And that makes them so, so mad.

We do not.


Mollie Hemingway absolutely destroyed Rubin:

All of this.

Yes, and any institution that may protect it.

And this isn’t going to turn that ship around.

Like everything the Left does, it’s all projection.

This is exactly it: the Left lost control of the court, so it’s illegitimate.

They really do despise it.

You’re not; but this is lost on the Left.

For all the Left’s whining on ‘threats to democracy’, they’re doing everything to undermine it.

But Trump is the dictator. Or something.

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