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Khairy Jamaluddin, minister of health, has announced the introduction of a new website called KKMNOW, created in partnership with the Department of Statistics. The webpage, which is an extension of the CovidNow online, contains statistics and updates about the country’s public healthcare system. 

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin stated that the site’s efficacy was demonstrated by the fact that the daily data the ministry released was not only educational, but also kept the public safe and up to speed in regards to the daily Covid-19 case, death, and vaccine statistics. 

The portal is established to help spread the information in the most convenient way to the public which the ministry hope “will create awareness and help Malaysians keep tabs on the public health facilities available according to the districts and each state,” Khairy said during the launch. 

He added that it wasn’t enough to just make data available to the public; it also had to be understandable and visually appealing.

Moreover, medicine inventories, blood supply, hospital bed utilisation, disease statistics, and ambulance response time from MERS999 are some of the data sets that may be accessed through the interface. Khairy said the ministry planned to incorporate information about road accidents from the police, the floods, and other associated agencies in the future.

By releasing its newest website KKMNOW today, the Health Ministry became the first government agency to make its data openly available to the general public. You can check out the KKMNOW website to find out any latest updates related to health concerns. 

Source: NST

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