Men’s Magazine Names Ugly Dude in a Dress “Hotter” Than at Least 8 Actual Australian Women – JP


File this under amusing. Maxim Magazine (Australia) just named a transwoman to its latest 100 hottest women list. He’s not even a good-looking guy. It’s quite insulting, so I think the folks over at Maxim Australia wanted some media attention because it used to be a ‘maxim’ that there is no such thing as bad press.

Tell that to Gillette, Bud Light, and Victoria’s Secret (more on them later today).


Maxim magazine named a biological male and former Australian rules football player, Danielle Laidley, to its “Hottest 100 Women” list in Australia for 2023, with the trans-identifying man landing in the number 92 spot.


There are 99 women, many of whom could qualify as hot – I’ve not seen the list – but there are eight women on the list who were not as hot as the dude in the dress in a magazine whose core audience is heterosexual men, which brings us back to the question, if ‘Danielle’ is “hot,” is it becasue she’s a convicted stalker of women?


The magazine released the list on Wednesday and is being blasted not only for honoring a biological male in a list of hot women, but also because three years ago Laidley, who formerly went by the first name of Dean, was arrested for stalking, The Age noted.

In 2020, the Maxim honoree reportedly pleaded guilty to stalking after repeatedly making calls and sending text messages to a woman, also sitting in a car outside her home watching and photographing her, the outlet noted.


I’m guessing that Dean decided two things. He needed an image rehab – you’re not allowed to poke fun at transwomen, and being one would conveniently give him access to more women in the bathroom or locker room. And he may have already fancied dressing in women’s clothes, so why not?

But no worries, Western Culture’s not broken. Male predators using woke ideology to gain access to women or girls. It’s almost as we all predicted that. Well, no sh!t, we did (2016).



Could a truly self-identifying transgender person be a sexual predator? Of course. They could also be a fabulous tenor or great with animals or an amazing mechanic, a-sexual, or indifferent, all of which have nothing to do with the threat being blessed by the idiot-left and their cultural pall-bearers when they insist that “men” who claim to feel like women have a “right” to use the ladies bathroom.

And yes, it is about that.

There are a great deal more sexual predators (by orders of magnitude) than there are self-identifying transgenders. These predators will use that “loophole” as a way to gain access to girls and women in places where they could or may be more vulnerable. … [And]

In the real world, not all men are sexual predators, but some men are, so your opposition to men using the ladies’ room is not about denying manufactured rights to a fraction of a fraction of the population. It is about defending the right of hundreds of millions of girls and women to feel safe in their persons and property in these public spaces.



I guess down in Australia, at least at Maxim Magazine, that’s hot. I feel bad for Hot Girls 93-100. How do you face your friends? What do you say when the interviewer wonders if there’s something they can do to be hotter than the old guy in a dress?

Exit question. Why not an issue dedicated to a list of the 100 hottest transowmen?

I think we all know the answer.



Las Vegas News Magazine

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