Megyn Kelly Just Has 1 Word for Two Men (and They ARE Men) Taking Top Spots in IL Women's Cyclocross


Would you look at that? Two dudes won the Illinois State Cyclocross Championship.

Gotta love it when average men use women’s sports to make champions of themselves.

Oh, wait, no.

Megyn Kelly had just one word for this … and we agree with her.

Ok, so there are lots and lots and lots of words we could also use to describe what happened here but they’d all probably get us in trouble. Stinkin’ PG-13 rating thingie!

Just know, we think it sucks that men are competing in women’s sports. 

We’ll leave it at that.

There ya’ go.

That’s better.

And it’s not even funny or entertaining.


Because average or below average men can’t compete in the men’s category, so they discover they’re somehow women and start winning championships.

They have less than no shame.

And yes, that’s possible. 




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