Media claims “White Lives Matter” was trademarked and could “stop” Kanye. Now they look really foolish.


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Nationwide: The liberal media is at it again. Liberal news agencies like the Rolling Stone, CNN and TMZ are in such a rush to bash conservative personalities, their trigger finger on news just leads to more misinformation to their gullible audience.

And their latest one is no exception.

They are further proving, like their liberal political allies, that they are more about angering their liberal audience to further the divide in America for their own selfish purposes.

In Rolling Stones’ case, they just want ratings, advertising dollars and social media clicks- at any costs. Their conviction to pursue their agenda is just another testament to their complete lack of journalistic integrity.

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Their Latest Gaffe

You may recall Kanye West and Candace Owens donning White Lives Matter t-shirts last month at a Paris clothing show. Well, that led to a number of situations.

First and foremost, it made headlines all across the world. And second, it angered the liberal media all across the country.

You know the liberal motto- ‘If you’re not woke like us, you are our complete and total enemy who must be destroyed’.

This same troubling ideology didn’t get by a couple of libs who thought it was a good idea to pursue a trademark for the phrase ‘white lives matter.’

On the same day (Oct. 3rd) Kanye and Candace were famously pictured in their White Lives Matter t-shirt, two gentlemen sought to trademark ‘White Lives Matter’.

JP Morgan Chase goes full woke, cancels Kanye West after controversial comments enraged a liberal crowd
Image edited from screenshots taken from Fox News YouTube Channel and Fox 5 Washington DC YouTube channel

They acquired an application and submitted it on the very same day. Weeks later the initial applicant transferred the trademark application and its full ownership to Civic Cipher, LLC. This information was verified on the United States Patent and Trademark Office official website.

Civic Cipher, based out of Arizona, is a radio show focused on racial justice. A topic right down the line of hard left media outlets like CNN and Rolling Stone.

The exact motive of the initial application submission is unclear. But one could safely assume it was because they knew the phrase was going to be well known, as it currently is.

Media claims "White Lives Matter" was trademarked and could "stop" Kanye.  Now they look really dumb for not fact checking first.

However, for a trademark to be approved, it must be connected to a business to be used on goods and services.

For the applicants, that seems far unlikely. It appears more about being anti-Kanye, anti-conservative and completely vindictive.

Remember if you’re not on the ‘woke’ agenda, you’re the enemy who must be canceled.

The Rush to Publish

Once the liberal media outlets were made aware of the trademark request, they watered at the mouths for another opportunity to bash Kanye. Liberal outlets like CNN, TMZ and the Rolling Stone have used Kanye as a means to wage hate against conservatives.

But they were so elated to act on the story, they haven’t spent the few simple steps to verify their claims- or maybe they did and just didn’t care.

Media claims "White Lives Matter" was trademarked and could "stop" Kanye.  Now they look really dumb for not fact checking first.
Official Trademark Website screenshot.

Either way it’s just another clear-cut case of misinformation that’s been so pervasive in the recent years from the liberal community. Their sole purpose is to instill more hate at any cost- and it’s both desperate and disappointing.

The Rolling Stone wrote that the trademark was initially acquired in 2020. However, it was, in fact, only filed as an application last month.

It took us 30 seconds to verify this information.

Even in the Rolling Stone title, they wrote that two black men own the White Lives Matter trademark.

This is way off the mark.

It takes approximately one year for an application to be approved. Moreover, it has to be tied to a business that provides goods and services.

Media claims "White Lives Matter" was trademarked and could "stop" Kanye.  Now they look really dumb for not fact checking first.
Official trademark website screenshot.

Spreading hate and making political statements against an internationally influential person is not exactly grounds for a trademark approval.

Second, liberal media outlets again proved they are more concerned with spreading hate and misinformation then providing actual news and current events information.

The sweet taste of ratings and social media clicks is too strong for them to resist.

But it’s no surprise.

Instead of focusing on adding hate to the mix and stirring the emotions of their audience, liberal media outlets should be zeroing in on providing real, unbiased news.

If the country needs anything right now, it’s a national voice of reason and bring the people together, not farther apart.

The world is watching, and they are acting on our divided culture. North Korea is test launching missiles on South Korea’s back yard, China is engaging in military exercises on Taiwan’s doorsteps, and after nine months, Russia is still trying to overrun Ukraine.

These countries are all emboldened by our dysfunctional society.

And now is the time for liberal media outlets to stop rushing to publish misinformation for the sole purpose of spreading more hate among Americans.

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Media claims "White Lives Matter" was trademarked and could "stop" Kanye.  Now they look really dumb for not fact checking first.

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