McCarthy opponents unmoved as speaker election drags on – JP


A bloc of Republican opponents Tuesday kept Kevin McCarthy from becoming speaker on three ballots, and the House adjourned to come back on Wednesday and try again to pick a leader.

McCarthy, R-Calif., had told his colleagues as the day began he would not back down, and his supporters said there would be repeated votes. After three votes, the last of which saw McCarthy lose one of his earlier supporters, a motion from McCarthy ally Tom Cole of Oklahoma to adjourn until noon Wednesday was adopted by voice vote.

McCarthy had 19 Republicans vote against him on the first ballot, and none moved his way on the second ballot. One more Republican joined the opposition on the third ballot, bringing the total to 20 and dropping McCarthy’s tally to 202.

Democrats were united on all three votes, with the full 212-member caucus backing New York’s Hakeem Jeffries.

So long as all 434 members-elect are voting for someone by name, McCarthy will need 218 to secure a majority and win. That means he can’t lose more than four Republicans, and his opponents well exceed that number. 

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