Maybe This Idiocy Will Finally Break Trump Derangement Syndrome Fever Forever


Donald Trump is to blame for the plummeting marriage rate in the United States of America. I “know” this is “true” because the online paragon of truth-telling, Salon, said so. But there’s an upside to this idiocy: this drive-by retcon is so dumb it could break the fever of those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

The United States is seeing fewer marriages and less than replacement-level birth rates. Women outnumber men in college. Men are dismissed as “toxic.” It is a threat to the longterm survival of the United States. And Salon blames Donald Trump. 

Salon writer Amanda Marcotte was recently triggered by an insufficiently woke Washington Post editorial warning that fewer young American women are getting married because “they can’t find suitable partners.” The Post basically claimed that these women aren’t getting married because far-left politics have become their religion and their identity, and suitable (read sane) men don’t drink their Identitarianism Flavor-Aid. These men have grown more conservative. 

Salon concludes, naturally, that this is obviously Donald Trump’s fault.

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“Supporting Trump is much like refusing to bathe, blowing your nose in your hands or farting loudly on purpose,” the TDS- suffering Marcotte writes. “It’s a repugnant habit that makes you repulsive to normal people,” says the writer. She elides where the fault lies, beginning her piece with the idea that Trump-supporting men are having a tough time finding women to settle down with. In fact, it’s the young, angry, Democrat women who are so closed-minded that they refuse to cross party lines to date. The Post notes a 2021 opinion survey of college students which found 71 percent of Democrats refuse to date across political lines. Republicans were far more willing to date across party lines, but Marcott writes if they’re Trump supporters, “it’s bringing someone into your home who ascribes to an ideology in which you are not fully human.” 

The women in the Democrat cohort have grown more left since the 2016 election. “[T]he percentage of single women ages 18-30 who identify as liberal has shot up from slightly over 20 percent to 32 percent. Young men have not followed suit. If anything, they have grown more conservative,” the Post writes. 

The year 2016 was a presidential year. The media hyped Donald Trump as a fascist, a Russian secret agent, and an election thief. Hillary Clinton led the charge. Madonna wished she’d bombed the White House. The mobs responded

I think this is an audition to replace “screaming woman, 2016.” 

They wept at the Javits Center. The glass ceiling didn’t shatter. 

Women would have been angry at any man who defeated Hillary. But, remember, 2016 was also the year that Antifa and Black Lives Matter began violently marching in the streets of Portland in response to mass shootings and police tactics and then Trump. It was the year of Brexit and the Orlando mass shooting by an Islamic terrorist at a gay nightclub. Gay and trans activists took to the streets after the shooting. 

“In another era, political or ideological differences might have had less impact on marriage rates. But, increasingly, the political is personal,” the Post reported. However, “This mismatch means that someone will need to compromise, because research shows “about 1 in 5 young singles will have little choice but to marry someone outside their ideological tribe.” 

It begs the question: Why would any right-of-center male want to date a gullible and mentally fragile woman who majored in Critical Taylor Swift Theory, and thinks of him as a fascist, toxic male? Get real. 

We’ve got a serious problem in this country. These children with their luxury problems are going to kill us. 

The nation’s fertility rate was 1.66 births per woman in 2021, which is less than half what it was in the 1950s. Our replacement rate needs to be 2.1 percent. To do that we need American men and women getting married and having children, not aborting babies. The Hill reported that the fertility rate has been mostly below the replacement level since 1971 and “consistently less than the replacement level for more than a decade.” 

And that’s not Trump. That’s Democrats. 

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