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Maxis has launched its first Virtual Telco Store, Maxis Centre Decentraland, a connected retail experience in the metaverse, as part of its Rangkaian Kita Rangkaian Malaysia (RKRM) campaign. 

In addition, customers will be able to view and buy Maxis’ goods in 3D technology, and even collectable NFTs made in partnership with Malaysian artists. Not only that, but customers will also be able to access digital care through QR codes.

Maxis’s platform offers a glimpse into the future through a variety of channels, such as essential services, customer engagement, an exhibition of enterprise solutions, gaming, the attraction of top talent, the provision of an immersive educational experience, and the formation of a collaborative ecosystem with a wide variety of industries.

Image: Maxis

While still in its early stages, Maxis in the metaverse aspires to be a one-of-a-kind destination for an immersive experience with highly engaging, relevant, and rewarding interactions, as the company claimed. 

However, as reported by some media who experienced the Virtual Telco Store, customers who are really in need of Maxis services should wait until the virtual store is further developed before visiting the Maxis Centre Decentraland, as their experience there will be relatively basic and not exactly “super engaging.”

For those who are interested to experience Maxis virtual store, you can visit Maxis Centre Decentraland or scan the QR code as given below.

Image: Maxis

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