Mastriano, a former NATO director, says elections in Afghanistan were more secure than Pennsylvania


The Pennsylvania Republican nominee for governor made an eye-opening comparison between the security of elections in the United States compared to Afghanistan… just venture a guess at which nation has voter ID requirements.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“This is not hyperbole. It’s going to sound like it, but under the international [military] coalition in Afghanistan, we ran better elections … in a war-torn third-world country than I’ve seen in Pennsylvania in some cases here,” he told Fox News Digital in an interview on Thursday.

“In Afghanistan, the international commission mandated voter ID. In Pennsylvania, you just show up and sign a piece of paper or mail in something with a signature, [and] we don’t even know if it matches anything,” Mastriano said.

A combat veteran who deployed to Iraq for Operation Desert Storm in 1991, Mastriano also served four years with NATO and deployed three times to Afghanistan. He was the director of NATO’s Joint Intelligence Center.

Mastriano said some safeguards that were in place were ripped out in 2020 and wants to review the process so voters from all parties feel confident that their vote counts.

“That’s going to take a review of the voting machines. It’s going to take a review of voting logs in the counties. That’s going to take inspections to put safeguards into place,” he continued.

The GOP candidate said that securing the election will also take “signing into law voter ID” which is supposed to be a ballot referendum next year, but Key Stone State Democrats are suing in an attempt to get off the ballot.

Despite his opponents’ claims to the contrary, Mastriano dispelled the idea that election integrity was about anything other than ensuring secure elections

“We’re not about rigging anything,” he said. “That’s actually antithetical to my life of actually serving and fighting for our country.”

“I’ve watched under Gov. Wolf that his past several secretaries of states — acting or otherwise — were far-left extreme political hacks for the Democrat Party,” said 58-year-old Mastriano. “Watching how they manipulated and changed election law.”

Democrat gubernatorial nominee Josh Shapiro rebuffed Mastriano’s assertions and claim he plans to use the election changes in order to manipulate the election in the favor of his political allies.

“He has already said he would use his power as governor here in Pennsylvania … to decertify voting machines in order to pick the winner,” the current Pennsylvania Attorney General told Fox News Digital. “That’s dangerous for anybody. Whether you agree with me or not, whether you’re for me or not, you should want to know that your vote is going to count for the person that you choose.”

“I don’t think this election is important for Democrats,” Shapiro said, who is leading over Mastriano in most of the polling. “I think this election is important for democracy.”

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