Masked Men Tear Down US Flags, Threaten Cops While Waving Palestine Flag


Pro-Hamas protesters attacked Grand Central Station, kicking the doors as police were sheltered inside. Gov. Hochul should have the National Guard there, but she is as worthless a governor as ever. you will see.

This is the result of progressive Democrats and their Marxist ideology. They are destroying Western civilization.

Masked men carrying a foreign flag invaded New York City and no one did a thing about it. There were two arrests last I checked. The police aren’t allowed to do their job.

It’s not only Jewish people who aren’t safe. No one is safe from these masked demons.

They gathered in Columbus Circle at 59th Street and screamed at New Yorkers who believe Jews have a right to exist and Israel had a right to defend itself against terrorists. The infuriated masked men with their Hamas-Palestine flags screamed at a woman who was in tears. New York City has the largest population of Jews in the world outside of Israel.

They tore down US flags, and no one did a thing.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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