Mark Burns DESTROYS Bloomberg-backed Opponent's False Claims on SC-3 Debate Stage


Last Updated on June 20, 2024

Trump-endorsed congressional candidate and South Carolina National Guard veteran Mark Burns destroyed the false claims of his Bloomberg-backed opponent Sheri Biggs from the debate stage in South Carolina’s 3rd District when the two GOP candidates met for a debate ahead of their run-off primary vote, which is slated for June 25th.

“This is what’s happening, the swamp creatures create swamp creatures,” Burns said on the debate stage, referring to Sheri Biggs, whose campaign has received over $300,000 from a PAC fueled by Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun dark money. 

“Right now, before your eyes, you see a swamp creature,” he went on.

“This is why there’s a clear contrast between the true America First, the Trump-endorsed, proven, eight-year proven strong Trump-endorsed America First conservative, versus the one who just got here in 2017,” Burns said. “I’m South Carolina! And if you really care about your state, you don’t want to send another swamp creature to Washington, D.C.”

“They’re talking about my military [service],” Burns continued, referring to false caims from the Sheri Biggs camp.

“Let me just say this once, for everybody that keeps talking about I’m not a part of the military, for everybody who keeps lying that I’m not part of the military – Here is my military discharge,” Burns said, holding up a copy of his military discharge papers. “It comes from the United States Army, I hope you get a good picture this!”


Ironically, while the Biggs campaign and its supporters have tried attacking Mark Burns’ military service record, and while Sheri Biggs has made her own Air National Guard service a centerpiece of her campaign platform, Sheri Biggs’ husband, William Biggs, has a dark history when it comes to America’s veterans.

As National File recently reported: 

Nursing homes for aging veterans managed by the company of William “Bill” Biggs, the husband of South Carolina GOP congressional candidate Sheri Biggs, have been plagued by scandals and have failed to properly investigate injuries that aging veterans received while living in facilities operated by Biggs’ company, HMR Veterans Services Inc. The issues have led to interventions by state and federal authorities and even the closure of HMR facilities.

Read More: Biggs Nursing Homes for Veterans Plagued with Scandal, Failed to Investigate Injuries 

Video: More on Sheri Biggs vs. Mark Burns from National File + OAN

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