Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Sues Congressman Jim Jordan – Sen. John Kennedy ROASTS Bragg in Epic Response (VIDEO)


The insane District Attorney of Alvin Bragg has sued Congressman Jim Jordan over his subpoena of Bragg to testify before Congress about his partisan witch hunt against President Trump.

Senator John Kennedy chimes in and absolutely roasts Bragg on Fox News.

Bragg is suing Jordan for what he calls an unconstitutional attack against his case against former President Donald J. Trump.

Kennedy: “The issue of whether Mr. Bragg should be called before Congress. I’ve watched Mr. Bragg, it’s clear he is obviously not Oliver Windell Scalia, my guess is he is scared to come before Congress. I watched Mr. Bragg’s press conference after he announced his indictment, he was not impressive.

I have read his indictment. Legal scholars much more qualified than I have, have criticized it as being an inferior document. I’ve read it, and it looked to me like as a legal product, someone knocked over a urine sample.

My guess is Mr. Bragg will not try this lawsuit himself. A good criminal defense lawyer from what I’ve seen so far will take his head off. So he doesn’t want to be naked and alone in, not literally, but figuratively in front of a Congressional committee, having to answer tough questions. That’s my assessment.”

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