Man Takes His Dog to Vet for ‘Gender Transition’ Surgery in Hilarious Viral Video Showing How INSANE Society Has Become


In one of the most hilarious videos we’ve seen in quite sometime, a viral video is making the rounds that brings into perspective just how insane the transgender nonsense and argument in America truly is.

A man brings his dog into a veterinary clinic for “gender transition.”

He then shares that the dog, dressed in a pink tutu, is a male but wants to put the tutu on every time he sees it. The man proclaims the dog must be a female then, right?

“We want to do a gender transition to make him female….but we don’t want to neuter him,” the owner says.

When the staff says they don’t do that sort of thing, he then asks, “You guys don’t offer sex changes here?”

“No we do not,’ the staff replies. “Go somewhere with a specialist…..we are not a behavioral clinic. We are a general clinic.”

The owner responds, “I wouldn’t call that behavioral. You’re saying gender identity is behaviouralism?”

The staff then ass the a to leave, and as he walks out he says, “I’m reporting this to the LGBTQ+ minus 2 Association of America.”

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