Man Creates Pizza Business on DoorDash by Selling Frozen Pizza’s from Walmart, Gets 5-Star Reviews


In the video you’re about to watch below, a young man started a Pizza business on DoorDash by selling frozen pizza’s that he bought at Walmart. No, we’re serious. This is kind of genius, if it’s even legal.

On September 5, he shows the process of starting his own restaurant “Boof Pizza,” that sells frozen pizza on DoorDash out of his kitchen.

“I ordered a bunch of pizza boxes with our logo on them because we have to look professional. Then I went to Walmart to buy all the frozen pizzas,” Caden says.

Then he shows a clip of a woman yelling at him for buying all of the pizzas, showing that people are just insane assholes.

“I went home and set up a few things on the tablet that DoorDash sent me, and our restaurant was live,” Caden continues. 

In the next clip, he shows himself standing outside of Domino’s to “steal some” of his “competitors’” customers.

“We started getting orders fast, but the DoorDash drivers were mad about how long it was taking,” Caden explains. “But somehow at the end of it all, everyone left five-star reviews on the pizza, so I guess it worked.”

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As of Sept 9 the video had over 750,000 views. Some users were throwing a fit like toddlers, but did he actually do anything wrong?

“It do be illegal though. It’s a type of trademark infringement,” one commenter suggested.

“This is either a joke/clout chasing or he can LITERALLY get sued,” another wrote.

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