Our 2A For Today! “Modern Militiaman Spotlight” is on a Momma Bear who went into a Family Dollar, left her 3 cubs in the running car, and when she came out she found a stranger in the car with them.

There were reports of a woman in her mid-30s trying to evade authorities who had busted someone’s car window while standing in the middle of the road blocking traffic.

The wild woman made the ill fated decision to hide in a car with three kids in it. Mama Bear came out of the Family Dollar to find an unknown woman in her car with her children and Mama Bear went Grizzly Adams on her. After Mama Bear confronted the wild woman who refused to get out Mama Bear pulled her pistol from her pocketbook and shot the woman.

The wild woman then left the vehicle and went into the store to find help. The suspect was then taken to the hospital and is now in custody. Mama Bear and her cubs were not harmed in the making of this segment, because Mama Bear’s instincts, courage, and preparation made her the winner of the title of 2A for Today Modern Militiawoman!