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By Chris Lott


The pure outrage, anger and fear from the politically left leaning mainstream media is really quite something to behold. Suddenly, they find themselves with tens of millions of Americans not necessarily believing what they push as news on paper or electronically. These demi-gods of information simply can’t let their egos comprehend what is happening. Like a cornered animal they feel their only recourse is to slander, smear, lie and intimidate anyone that challenges their egotistical existence and idealism agendas. It’s really quite sad actually. The thing I find most amusing about this is it’s their own damn fault.

The reason there are fast growing conservative media venues is because the existing mainstream media (MSM) and big tech oligarchs have not done their jobs. They editorialize and block opinions contrary to their agendas with no regard to truth. There is no fair and balanced reporting but propaganda. It was only natural that alternatives would arise. They have their own selves to blame.

Consumers are at fault as well.

Americans can’t get enough news. We demand information 24/7/365. Journalists understand this and are at the mercy of intense timelines and obligations to their masters. Corners are cut with “reporting” on innuendos, rumors and anonymous sources. The sad truth is it works and we help make it so.

You see, they have found that a yellow journalistic approach captures more readers and viewers. The more viewers/readers the more prosperous they become. With more profit comes more power and notoriety. They live in a never ending carousel that they can’t get off. They have to continue to feed the beast for their very existence. And, we help drive this existence.

Technology gives the little guy a voice.

Until the internet there was really no recourse to those that differed with the alphabet news teams (ABC, CBS, NBC and so on). Newspapers were owned by rich powerful people that would squash any upstarts. But then came the internet with it’s world wide web open concept for all to enjoy and use. Meteorically it blossomed and gave everyone an equal voice. Now a single voice could be seen and heard by thousands, millions. Mainstream media has been fighting against this ever since. Conservatives saw this as a powerful venue of resistance and in many cases very successfully. Social media platforms took it to an even higher level and… an intense media war has ensued like we’ve never seen before.


If only the MSM gurus had kept their opinions in their opinion sections. A resistance would most likely not have happened. But the cats out of the bag never to get put back. Conservative media resistance is also here to stay. Mainstream media organizations know they are in trouble and are fighting for their lives. I will put my money on the people.

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