Lt. Gov. complains Herschel Walker was forced on GOP by Trump


The vicious smear campaign that has been unleashed on Georgia Republican senatorial hopeful Herschel Walker has some in the party getting squeamish as Democrats and their operatives are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the former NFL star to torpedo his candidacy.

One of those who is already cutting and running on Walker is the Peach State’s Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan who instead of digging in and defending his fellow Republican against the savagery of the left-wing slime machine, instead went on CNN to whine to Anderson Cooper, pre-blaming a potential loss on former President Donald J. Trump.

(Video: CNN)

Battered by a relentless barrage of negative media stories, including one hit piece by the New York Times that suggested that he isn’t black enough, Walker was blindsided after the Daily Beast dug up an unnamed woman who claims the she was a former girlfriend of the legendary football hero and that he paid for her to have an abortion, an allegation that he has vehemently denied.

Duncan appeared on Thursday’s edition of “AC360” where he dissed Walker who he said hasn’t “earned” his respect and bemoaned the fact that he’s even on the ballot, griping about Trump’s  continued influence on the GOP.

“This has not as much to do about Herschel Walker as it does the process we went through here in Georgia to actually elect him,” Duncan said. “”We didn’t ask who was the best leader. We didn’t ask who had the best resume. Unfortunately, Republicans looked around to see who Donald Trump supported and he was a famous football player, and so he became our nominee, and now we’re paying the price for that.”

Cooper responded, “And that’s why you think, that’s why Herschel Walker is in this race, because Republicans who decided to look for somebody who the former president supported, that was the main criteria?”

“Yeah, and, you know, there’s been some distance and time that’s traveled and that’s not a winning recipe anymore,” Duncan said. “I think at the beginning of this whole process campaign cycle, it meant a lot but I think you’re watching not just here in Georgia but all over the country, candidates, Republican candidates distancing themselves, deleting social media with Donald Trump, trying to push back because they realize it’s not popular anymore.”

“Look, there’s such a plethora of areas to talk about,” he added. “I mean the stock market again today was down 350 points, mortgage rates have doubled, headed to being tripled. We’ve got inflation roaring. It literally feels like the world’s on fire, and this is what we’re talking about? As Republicans, I think we ought to be the party of ideas again…,” throwing Walker under the bus.

Duncan also appeared on CNN the previous night to dump on Walker, telling host Don Lemon If we’re being intellectually honest, Herschel Walker won the primary because he scored a bunch of touchdowns back in the 80’s and he’s Donald Trump’s friend.”

“And now we’ve moved forward several months on the calendar and that’s no longer a recipe to win,” he said.

Duncan dismissed Cooper’s suggestion that Republican voters would just stay home as the smears against Walker have taken a toll.

“No, I think Republicans are going to show up and vote for Brian Kemp and state-wide candidates up and down. They’ve done a great job. Brian Kemp has done better than any other governor in the country with dealing with the pandemic, and civil unrest, and the economy and growth,” he said. “I mean, they’re going to show up and vote. It’s up to the Walker campaign to figure out how they’re going to convince them to vote for him.”

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