Look Out Fox Nation! Tucker Carlson Announces New Subscription Based News and Video Site


Since he was fired from his job at Fox News in April of this year, speculation has swirled around what Tucker Carlson is going to do with himself long term. There’s no question that Carlson has kept busy, as the insane viewership numbers for his interviews on Twitter will attest, but that never felt like it was the likely end goal for him… and now we know it wasn’t! In an announcement to the world today the ‘Tucker Carlson Network’ went live on Twitter.

At this time this doesn’t appear to be a traditional news network, in that it isn’t available through broadcast or an app on your smart TV or Roku or such. Instead it’s a web-based service, offering videos of Carlson’s interviews as well as other things like short videos, an ‘Ask Tucker’ section where subscribers can… ask Tucker Carlson questions, and a section called ‘Tucker Carlson Films’ which promises to bring ‘Full-Length Films and Documentaries’, among other things. The price is $72 billed annually ($6 a month) or $9 billed monthly.

So far his potential audience on Twitter has been very receptive to what Tucker is offering.


Rumors of the demise of Fox News may be premature, but we’re sure they’re paying very close attention to this development.

We have to assume that with the start of his own network Carlson will be looking to beef up the staff so it’s not just him on the site constantly, so this idea may not be as out-there as it sounds.

Some notables are supportive of the move as well:

Without having some form of app for Smart TV’s or media streamers this will always have a somewhat more limited reach than it otherwise would, but Carlson is we’re sure aware of this. If a Tucker Carlson app shows up for television views… watch out Fox Nation. We’ll see how it goes!


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