Logitech’s Pebble 2 Collection Is a Stylish Keyboard & Mouse


Logitech sells some of the best keyboards and mice around, from ergonomic mice to mechanical keyboards. The company has now revealed a functional and stylish collection of wireless keyboards and mice in multiple colors: the Logitech Pebble 2 Collection.

The new Pebble Mouse 2 and Pebble Keys 2 have a similar design language and five color options: Tonal Graphite, Tonal White, Tonal Rose, Tonal Sand, and Tonal Blue. You can buy the keyboard and mice separately, or together in a combo package. Both devices are Bluetooth, which means they might not be the best options for gaming, but they will work with just about any Windows PC, Mac, iPad, or other Bluetooth-compatible device. They are also compatible with the same Logi Bolt USB receiver that other recent Logitech accessories support, though you don’t get one in the box.

Starting with the keyboard, the Pebble Keys 2 uses the same rounded keys that we’ve seen in other Logitech keyboards, like the POP Keys and K380 Keyboard. It’s a keyboard with the top row containing shortcuts for switching devices, opening your computer’s emoji panel, changing the volume capturing a screenshot, and more. The typical F4-F12 keys are available as secondary functions. It can also store up to three connections, so switching between a laptop and a desktop (or a laptop and an iPad, and so on) just takes one key press. However, there’s no option for a direct USB connection, and there’s no number pad.

Logitech keyboard and mouse

Meanwhile, the Pebble Mouse 2 looks like a no-frills slim wireless mouse. It has two main buttons, a scroll wheel that acts as a third button, and… that’s it. The mouse has a DPI range of 400-4000 DPI, and it’s powered by a single AA battery. Just like the keyboard, it can store three Bluetooth connections and switch between them with a button on the bottom of the mouse.

You can buy the Pebble Mouse 2 at Amazon or Logitech’s online store for $30. The Pebble Keys 2 is also available at Amazon and Logitech’s store for $40. Finally, the combo package with both devices is available for $60 at Amazon and Logitech.

Source: Logitech

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