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A reporter had to cut off his live interview and evacuate on Tuesday when the hosts of ABC’s “The View” got an update on the situation in Israel in the wake of Hamas’ unprovoked attacks that began on Saturday.

ABC News chief national correspondent Matt Gutman was reporting near Sderot — and told “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg that there had been “small arms fire here for the past hour and a half.”

“The amount of anger in Israel is monumental. People want Hamas destroyed both militarily and politically. And I think it would be very difficult for Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, not to launch some sort of significant incursion at this point,” Gutman continued before someone off camera got his attention and informed him that he had to clear the area.


“The IDF has issued an immediate alert that everybody has to leave. There is some security incident just near us,” the person told Gutman, who kept the camera rolling and began to make his way to a waiting vehicle.

“There’s this battle that we’ve been hearing about. We’re gonna just walk to the car if you guys wanna stay with us,” Gutman said to Goldberg.

“Do what you have to do, Matt. Go do what you gotta do, we got you,” Goldberg replied — but Gutman wasn’t quite ready to bail on the interview just yet.


“We’re okay. We’re walking to the car anyway, which is right over there,” he said as they continued walking. “They’ve had this battle. And I just want to show you what’s going on here — these armored jeeps are going towards where we’ve been hearing this incessant gunfire. And just on the other side of that bridge, we’ve seen a large number of troops head in that direction.”

“Okay, given what’s going on, I think we’re gonna hop in the car. This is our vehicle right now but, as you can tell, this is obviously a massively dynamic situation here and the battle in Gaza is definitely not over at this point and Israel does not have a firm grip over the south despite having so many hundreds of thousands of reservists here,” Gutman said before they cut off the interview.

He later rejoined the show once he had been moved to a safer location.

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