Life Comes At You Fast! Young Woman Goes Viral For Emotional Rant Bemoaning Her 9-5 Workday


That first big girl job can hit hard and one young lady is feeling all the feels. A young woman took to Twitter to complain about her long 9-5 work hours and then her commute and how dark it is at night when she got out of work. She bemoaned being too tired for fun or exercise and her shock at this general state of affairs.

Hard working kids will dominate in the next generation.

This very very long comment does have value. Women tend to long for family and home.This young woman has neither and is probably lacking a sense of purpose. Much of that is because America has told young women to party with friends and put off marriage.


Generations before worked 9-5. It is actually, attainable.

True, you don’t have to take it. It may be hard to figure out a way to pay your bills, though.

I sense a lot of young people in the comments who will be living with their parents for a very long time. God bless their parents.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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