Liberal White Woman Intensifies: Karen McKaren Has a Problem With McDonald’s Wrappers (Watch)


And now, for our daily update on rampant antisemitism, we turn to the great barometer of all things America: McDonald’s. Because, of course [eye roll]. 

This week, a new video is getting some attention on Twitter of an angry AWFL (Affluent White Female Liberal) confronting McDonald’s employees about the color of their McChicken wrapper. 

No, we are not joking. We wish to Heaven we were. Take a look:

We were looking for some evidence that this was all just some prank, but it appears to be legitimate. And this woman appears to be legitimately insane. 

We knew it. And don’t get us started on that ‘secret sauce.’ (In case you didn’t notice, we have now entered the sarcasm portion of today’s entertainment.)

HA. There are plenty more of these replies pointing out the ubiquitousness of the blue-and-white color scheme across the world.

But let’s assume for a second that McDonald’s did make this wrapper in support of Israel. We don’t know if that is the case, but for the sake of argument, can the woman haranguing the employees here explain to us exactly why that would be ‘disgusting’? Israel was just subject to a terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11. We would hope many companies would stand with them. Sadly, however, antisemitism has now become synonymous with the American left. 


Oh, our pro-Hamas media is definitely investigating this as we speak. Guaranteed. 

It’s the new Axis of Evil, didn’t you know?

LOL. In case you didn’t know, Hern (who has declared his bid for House Speaker) got his start working at McDonald’s and eventually worked his way up to owning 18 franchises in Oklahoma. He’s even nicknamed ‘McCongressman.’

She has Ivy League written all over her. 

And with that, we’re dead. 

The reality of antisemitism in America is no joke though, and it has been frighteningly revealed in the days since the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. This lady, psychotically berating McDonald’s employees over a McChicken wrapper, is emblematic of it. 

But we here at Twitchy believe in the power of mockery. So, let’s mock this lady and her horrible views into oblivion. 


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