LG shows off 77-inch transparent OLED TV at CES


Forward-looking: Companies like LG have been showcasing high-resolution transparent screens for years, and LG plans to make one available to everyday consumers sometime in 2024. The company is positioning its 77-inch wireless 4K OLED display as a product that can blend into its surroundings more seamlessly than a standard TV.

At this year’s CES, LG presented several new displays, with the most notable being the Signature OLED T, a 77-inch fully transparent panel set to be released later this year. Although the price remains undisclosed, it is expected to be steep.

The TV was used to showcase various images and animations, allowing viewers to see through most of the screen. LG claims that this effect can create a digital art piece that complements a room’s décor. Some viewers observed a subtle depth effect in the picture. The Signature OLED T can also display information such as news headlines, weather updates, and song titles along the bottom of the screen, utilizing an always-on feature.

An opaque mode is also available, which raises a contrast screen to turn the panel into an ordinary 77-inch OLED TV. It’s unclear how this mode compares to conventional OLEDs.

LG suggests that the appeal of a transparent TV lies in its ability to be placed in various locations without clashing with its surroundings. For instance, it can be situated in front of a window without obstructing the view.

Moreover, the Signature OLED T supports wireless video and audio transmission through LG’s Zero Connect Box. This box connects to video and audio inputs, streaming the signal to the panel and thus enabling users to position the TV centrally in a room while minimizing cable clutter. Additionally, the device can be installed with shelves on one or both sides, enhancing its resemblance to furniture.

The Signature OLED T represents LG’s efforts to produce a TV that aesthetically conforms to its environment. In CES 2021, the company showcased a concept for a 55-inch transparent OLED that could slide out from the foot of a bed and has also applied its transparent screen technology in doors and signage.

Another innovative 4K display LG introduced at CES is a smart projector, which resembles a piece of art more than a piece of technology. The company also displayed more conventional screens, including a WOLED gaming monitor that can offer dual-mode functionality, doubling as a 1080p 480Hz and 4K 240Hz display.

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