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COVID is flu. This is an inflammatory statement in today’s societies all around the world. If you propose this to almost anyone, you’ll get scoffed at. A decade ago, this statement wouldn’t have meant anything. Yet, now, it is the truest statement regarding the events of the past few years. It is precisely the truth.

In the mod 2010s, I was living in Hong Kong, a city with a very specific history related to pandemics and bioweapons. The city-state in 2003 suffered under an epidemic of SARS— severe acute respiratory syndrome. The event was so traumatic to the city that there is a memorial to the medics and doctors who lost their lives fighting that outbreak in the early 2000s.

Of course, SARS is also a variant of flu— albeit it is perhaps a more wicked one. There have been several outbreaks of SARS in the past couple of decades. One was in Hong Kong, and a second in the MidEast— the Emirates, Doha, and Qatar. Were those planned and intentional? Was that biowarfare being waged unbeknownst to the public at large? Likely. The occurrence of these events coincided closely with major political movements and elections in the affected countries.

That is why the COVID pandemic is especially troublesome, coming alongside Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” agenda. Essentially, the effect was to impact the entire planet with an issue that everyone would have to deal with simultaneously. Now, in the wake of such an event, a certain cadre of people have realized that they have the ability to make such a global impact. They seem very willing to routinely attack the public civilizational consciousness with negative, destructive, deadly events as if they are totally incapable of bringing positive, compassionate loving occurrences to the people of the planet.

They want one thing: money. And they have no consideration for whether that is aligned with good or bad actions. They have no concern for ethics or morals, only their own bank account balance.

COVID created over 100 new billionaires globally as wealth was transferred from governments buying vaccines and concerned citizens to the pocketbooks of Big Pharma. These companies have become major sponsors of corporate media channels worldwide. That is why so many people express disbelief about the equation of COVID and flu.

What is flu? The CDC in the USA tracked flu for many years. The number of people killed by a variant of flu, which until 2020 was referred to along a lineage of H1NX, was between 50,000 and 90,000 annually. This was referred to as the flu burden, and there were many charts depicting the seasonal and annual cycles. That all stopped in 2020.

Flu suddenly disappeared. It was replaced linguistically by the word COVID, along with a whole set of opinions that were considered acceptable and mainstream. Anyone not parroting those ideas and instead presenting contrary beliefs was made a public example of— shunned, fired, canceled. This was a despicable time in our recent history determined by despicable people— folks who deserve to be in prison, like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Anthony Fauci.

But COVID is not different than flu because it is an influenza by definition. Not only that, but it is a rhinovirus, just like the H1N1 lineage. It is a coronavirus, just like SARS. It is an upper respiratory illness that is preventable by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise, the essentials for a robust immune system. This was not a brand new virus that nobody knew anything about. This was a tool used by a global cabal intent on not allowing Donald Trump to serve another consecutive presidential term in the USA and on making money by doing anything possible to hold on to power.

That is why we must hold that COVID is flu. Because the people who implemented COVID and forced everyone to play a charade of masks, social distancing, and cancel culture are also the people fomenting World War III in Ukraine, and they are the people forcing transvestite culture on the planet, and they are the people conspiring to create a migrant crisis in the EU and US, and they are the people who are trying to control our every thought via Big Tech.

We can defeat them, and we must. They represent a strain of human culture that is unnecessary. We do not have to resort to such power-obsessed, maniacal, sociopathic ways to make money. There are ways to make money that do not rely on creating human suffering.

Support me in ensuring that the evil creatures who oppose the reality that COVID is flu never hold great political power again and create a better future where all mankind can prosper.


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