Let Jamie Lee Curtis Be in the One Piece Live Action Show


Jamie Lee Curtis

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On the Halloween Ends international press tour, Jamie Lee Curtis expressed interest in appearing in Netflix’s upcoming live-action adaptation of One Piece. Long considered a fan-favorite casting, the iconic genre actress (prior to her latest horror turn, she was most recently seen in Everything Everywhere All At Once) has not been opposed to it as she shares a love for anime with her kids. And she’ll freely talk about it when gifted a plushie from the series.

In a recent interview with Caja De Peliculas, ostensibly for Halloween Ends, Curtis made her impressive depth of One Piece knowledge fully known. “I love Tony Tony Chopper, he’s my favorite character in One Piece,” she said while thanking the reporter for gift—before turning the tables and quizzing him about the show: “Have you watched all of it? So who’s that old wizened woman who wears the low-cut bellbottoms, has long grey hair, she was with the doctor up on the hill—”

one piece doctor kureha

Screenshot: One Piece Facebook

The reporter pipes in “Dr. Kureha!”, referring to the woman who mentored Chopper to be a doctor and even encouraged him to see the world with the Strawhats. Curtis shared that her daughter Ruby wants her to play that character—then was told the whole internet wants her to be Kureha. “The whole internet? Ooh! Let’s see how the first season [goes]. Maybe so.” she teased with a little side eye. She has previously expressed interest in the role so we’ll see!

Let’s make this happen, Netflix! Watch the full interview below.


Halloween Ends is now in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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