Leftists Blame ‘The System’ for ‘Failing’ Black Female Mass Shooter


Last Updated on August 23, 2022

Left-wing mass shooting apologists are blaming “the system” for “failing” a black woman who immigrated to the US from Africa and shot up a midtown Atlanta condo, killing two and wounding one before fleeing the scene and being apprehended at Atlanta International Airport hoping to board a flight.

Police, including officers wearing tactical gear, arrested Raissa Kengne at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport yesterday, following a day of mass shooting headlines leading to instant speculation that a “white supremacist” had carried out an act of terrorism.

Kengne, an African immigrant, has been charged with two counts of murder, four counts of aggravated assault, possession of a firearm, and false imprisonment and was denied bond in her first appearance in front of a magistrate judge.

A former IT audit manager at the BDO USA accounting firm, Kengne is accused of murdering her ex-supervisor, 41-year-old Wesley Freeman, and the property manager of the midtown Atlanta condominium where the mass shooting took place, 60-year-old Michael Shinners.

According to local media reports, Kengne also shot a third man, Mike Horne, who has been hospitalized and is expected to survive.

As initial headlines announced that there’d been a mass shooting in midtown Atlanta, internet leftists rushed to blame the matter on a “white supremacist,” and began rolling out their standard anti-2nd Amendment talking points. That all changed though when Kengne was identified as a black woman, and a mad rush began to justify her actions, blaming abstract straw men like “the system” for “failing” Kengne, leading to the shooting.

According to Kengne, her motivations behind the shooting were all part of a bizarre conspiracy theory in which she claimed her superiors were stalking her and even breaking into her home, seeking revenge after she alleged corruption within their office. Investigators were unable to substantiate any of her claims, something her apparent supporters are saying is the result of institutional racism.

“The system failed to listen to Raissa Kengne, so she took the law into her own hands,” Twitter user @ambeshiserge claimed, conceding that “this doesn’t mean she’s right,” but claiming that “law enforcement should have done better than treat her case with disregard.”

That tweet was echoed by many more, who have rushed to defend Kengne in the shooting’s aftermath.

Another Twitter user even called for Kengne’s alleged mass shooting story to be turned into a Netflix show for entertainment.

The day before Kengne allegedly shot her former manager, she returned to her former office where an unexplained incident took place. At one point, after being asked to leave, Kengne issued a threat to the building’s security officer, eerily foreshadowing the next day’s shooting in saying “whatever happens, happens.”

In the run-up to the shooting, Kenege posted several bizarre rants to her LinkedIn profile, and apparently, her employment with BDO USA had ended in her being fired. In the posts, she mentions fatal shooting victim Wesley Freeman by name, accusing him of fraud and retaliation while presenting zero evidence.

Many online are now alleging that Kengne is mentally ill, as a result of the LinkedIn rants.

Raissa Kengne mentioned mass shooting victim Wesley Freeman in an online rant she posted to LinkedIn

Las Vegas News Magazine

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