Latest ‘Dreamers’ court ruling prompts calls for Senate to act – JP


A more sweeping appeals court decision could have forced more than 600,000 people out of work and at risk of deportation or teed the case up to be reviewed by the Supreme Court sooner, which could have offered a strong impetus for lawmakers to act, political analysts said.

“If the hope was that the decision was going to be very clear-cut — the program’s in peril, these individuals are in peril, we need to get this legislation passed — that’s just simply not the case,” said Cris Ramon, an independent immigration consultant who has worked with the Bipartisan Policy Center and other groups. “We got something that’s certainly just far more mixed than people were anticipating.”

Casey Christine Higgins of Akin Gump, who previously served as an adviser to former Republican House Speaker Paul D. Ryan on immigration, trade and other issues, said that while the threat of a Supreme Court ruling ending DACA this summer could have been enough to spur action, the latest court delay may cause the issue to languish on Capitol Hill even longer.

“What we think was a June problem is now a ‘TBD in the future’ problem,” Higgins said. “Congress loves a deadline, and this has removed the deadline.”

Calls to action

Still, congressional leaders used the ruling to call for action from the Senate, which has yet to take up a House-passed bill that would put DACA recipients and other undocumented immigrants, including younger people who came to the United States as children after 2007, on a path to permanent status.

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