Kostadinov Reelected As Chairman Of Vazrazhdane, Bulgaria’s Leading Opposition Party


Kostadin Kostadinov via Telegram

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At the fourth party congress held in Kardzhali on Saturday, Kostadin Kostadinov was reelected as Chairman of Vazrazhdane (Revival), Bulgaria’s leading opposition party. Since the previous party congress held three years ago in Vidin, Vazrazhdane has grown to become the largest opposition force in the Bulgarian parliament and a leading force in the political life of the country.

Vazrazhdane Party Congress in Kardzhali on Saturday

Accused by the globalist media of being a pro-Russian party, Vazrazhdane is, in fact, a patriotic, anti-globalist party that is working to defend Bulgaria’s national interests at a time when the U.S. Embassy has virtual control over the current government in Sofia. Kostadinov said in a recent interview, “As the only Bulgarian political organization in the parliament, Vazrazhdane has been fighting consistently for the decolonization of Bulgaria for years, and the results are becoming visible. Under our pressure, the American colonial regime is crumbling before our eyes. Soon we will finally win! Bulgaria will once again be a free, independent, and great country!”

One of the principal initiatives launched by the party this year was a petition to force a national referendum on adopting the Euro in an effort to maintain the financial independence of Bulgaria. Despite the fact that the necessary signatures were collected and all legal requirements met, the current government would not allow the Bulgarian people to have a voice on this important issue. They canceled the referendum in a blatant attack on democracy. Vazrazhdane has also been one of the leading political forces opposing Bulgaria’s involvement in the war in Ukraine.

Following his reelection as Party chairman, Kostadinov told supporters on his Telegram account, “thank you for your trust! I will continue to serve the country and the people as before!”

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