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Komrade Kuster has adopted the idea that she is a legislator for life—the Ruling Class DC ambassador to the warm bodies assembled in New Hampshire’s second congressional district every election day.

If you look at a map, CD2 is geographically and politically on the left side of New Hampshire, getting its most liberal votes from college towns (Keene, Plymouth, Hanover) and cities like Nashua and Concord.

The smaller blue-leaning towns in the more sparsely populated sections are, in part, a well, poisoned by progressives who fled Vermont’s socialist decline only to inflict it here. They creep across the Connecticut River to vote in our elections and have for years, but some also make the move permanent. Hoping to escape the slippery slope of Vermont socialism but, like any virus, infecting the healthy cells they then inhabit.

CD-2 is a decidedly Democrat district, and winning it back would take the right candidate and more money than the GOP would ever spend. Let’s not write it off, but the last Republican to win it was very progressive, and they lost it to a Democrat six elections ago.

Anyway, as I understand it, Annie Kuster (formerly Ann McLane Kuster or Ann ‘Raise the Roof’ Kuster) is a genuinely nice person outside of politics, but why would any of that matter? Her ideological ghetto almost guarantees her reappointment every two years, and, as noted above and as you’ll see below, she knows it.

She is about as captured an actor of the party narrative as you could be.

It’s embarrassing.





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