KJP Suffers Meltdown When Peter Doocy Asks 1 Simple Question on Border Crisis – WATCH


White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre became increasingly upset when Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked her very basic question on Joe Biden’s border crisis.

Over 10,000 migrants crossed the border on Wednesday, with over 9,000 illegally entering the US on Monday.

The massive surge is overwhelming border towns and now cities like New York and Chicago.

“What do you call it here at the White House when 10,000 people illegally cross the border in a single day?” Doocy asked Jean-Pierre.

However, the press secretary did not answer Doocy as she sought to avoid the subject of the border crisis.

Instead, she immediately tried to play politics.

“So, what do you call it, Peter, when GOP puts forth a —” she answered.

“Karine, you’re answering a question with a question,” Doocy interjected.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, you can’t —” Jean-Pierre protested.

“OK, we’re going to move on,” KJP quipped angrily.


As Doccy and Jean-Pierre talked over one another, the press secretary became visibly frustrated, claiming she “tried to answer” Doocy’s question, but he “stopped” her from speaking.

She didn’t even bother answering Doocy’s question and moved on to other reporters.

It didn’t end there for KJP.

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin explained to Jean-Pierre why Doocy’s query was “an important question,” which she failed to answer.

“Just three weeks ago in late August, Karine Jean-Pierre was up there at that White House podium saying that they were ‘stopping the flow’ here at our southern border,” Melugin said.

“I mean, I’ll let our viewers decide — but does this look like ‘stopping the flow’?” he asked.

Melugin also noted that immigration authorities are acknowledging the surge but ignoring the root cause of the problem.

“They attributed that surge to economic fallout from COVID, to climate change, and to authoritarian regimes,” Melugin explained.

“Guys, in the more than two years I’ve been doing this, the amount of migrants that have told me climate change is a reason they are coming here would be zero. Zero,” he added.

The White House had blamed Republicans for the border crisis because Joe Biden failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform when he entered the White House.

Earlier this month, Karine Jean-Pierre falsely claimed Joe Biden has “done more to secure the border than anybody else.”

Her comments came days after San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents came under fire after attempting to arrest human smugglers.

“The president has done more to secure the border and to deal with this issue of immigration than anybody else, he really has,” Karine Jean-Pierre said, which is the opposite to what Biden has done.

Millions of people have illegally crossed the border since Biden came into office in January 2021.

Last year, a massive migrant caravan of over 1,000 illegals crossed the El Paso, Texas border.

The Biden administration’s policies encourage illegal crossings.

Last month, The Daily Fetched reported the Biden administration was allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to pour into America through “welded open” floodgates on the Arizona border.

The open floodgates in Tuscan are now the busiest point of illegal entry into the country.”

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