Kevin McCarthy’s First Order Of Business: Waste A Ton Of Time Misleading The Public Over The Bogus Twitter Files


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It took a week of nonsense, in which we got to see just how dysfunctional this session of the House of Representatives will be, but late last week, Kevin McCarthy sold just enough of what was remaining of his soul to get the Speaker of the House gavel. And, apparently, part of the many favors he doled out to convince the nonsense peddlers who were demanding “concessions” was to create a panel to investigate the incredibly misleading nothingburgers of the Twitter Files.

The new panel, the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, is partly a response to revelations from Elon Musk in the internal documents he branded the “Twitter Files.”

We’ve already discussed how much nothingness is in the Twitter Files so far released, and unless they’re somehow saving “the good stuff” for drop #69 to appease Musk’s sophomoric sensibilities, it seems unlikely there’s any actual meat there. Even in the rare case where the files have turned up something marginally interesting, I have no faith that this new panel will be willing (or able) to present it accurately or fairly. Instead, get ready for months of grandstanding hearings, misleading leaks and releases, and a bunch of other nonsense.

But, as I’ve been saying all along, these are the same Republicans who would be completely losing their shit (rightly so, by the way!) if Democrats set up a similar panel demanding that Fox News reveal its close contacts with the Trump White House, or the details of its editorial decision making process.

The 1st Amendment protects editorial decision making, whether its Fox News pushing bogus stories to help Republicans in the election or Twitter choosing to limit the spread of election misinformation (and, I should note, these are not equivalent, at all).

But, alas, in these stupid stupid times we live in, the party of petty snowflake grievances and no actual policy positions will grievance away.

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