Kevin Cannard canard won’t fly with public, Joe — your cred’s GONE


After records revealed that Kevin Cannard, an eminent Parkinson’s specialist, has been making beaucoup trips to the White House, the Biden administration is still trying to obfuscate around Joe’s glaring cognitive issues.

Dr. Cannard — a Walter Reed expert serving as the White House medical unit’s neurological consultant — visited the White House eight times between August 2023 and this past March, including one meetup with Biden’s personal doc, Kevin O’Connor.

Seems reasonable enough: Biden’s gait issues, freeze-ups and stiff, masklike face can all be symptoms of Parkinsonism.

The Biden administration is still trying to obfuscate around Joe’s glaring cognitive issues. JP/ Craig Hudson

But when rightly pressed on the issue by reporters at Monday’s press briefing, chief Biden flack Karine Jean-Pierre simply refused to give a straight answer on why Cannard was at the White House so frequently. 

Instead, she bizarrely cited “security reasons” as a justification for her stonewalling (spoiler alert: the logs revealing his visits are already public info). 

And when journos kept after her, she went truly off the rails, accusing one of “personal attacks.” 

O’Connor then came forward with a letter (what is it with these people and their letters?) claiming that Cannard only saw Biden at his annual physicals and that the other visits were to help members of the armed forces assigned White House duty. 

Now, O’Connor might be telling the truth here. 

But at this point, there’s zero — literally zero — reason to believe a word out of anyone from Bidenworld’s mouth when it comes to Joe’s health issues. 

And if the explanation is as innocent as O’Connor claims, i.e. helping active-duty soldiers, why on earth didn’t Jean-Pierre simply say so to the reporters asking her for answers?

Until proven otherwise, the public should assume this is yet another case of Biden and his lackeys demanding people refuse to believe their own eyes. 

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