Keep your hands warm while texting – with touchscreen gloves


Another pair we’ve tested are the Digits gloves from Moshi.

You get a choice of grey colours, but they’re locked into specific sizes for some reason: so the light grey gloves (pictured) are in small and medium, while there’s a darker grey pair only available in a large size. 

If the tip of your middle finger measures 15-17cm to your wrist, you need small. Medium is 17-19cm, and Large is 19-20.5cm. If you’re at the high-end of either, we’d recommend going for the slightly larger pair.

They’re dual-layered (with a seriously soft micro fleece lining), although we found that the layers pulled apart a little when taking the gloves off, so you might find the need to straighten them out again each time.

These have a conductive layer on all ten fingertips, so you can use any finger for your phone tapping and swiping (but obviously not fingerprint unlocking), and there’s a grippy pattern across the palm. However, the conductive thread does leave the inside of the gloves with an almost sparkly finish, so bear that in mind.

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