Kari Lake Shuts Down Her Opponent With 4 Words at Airport – WATCH


Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake confronted her chief Democratic rival Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) at an airport where she ripped the congressman for allowing floods of migrants into the United States.

The video, first published by The Daily Caller, shows Lake standing with Gallego at the airport when things got spicy.

After Ruben told Lake she would have a “great campaign,” the Arizona Senate candidate informed him it would be a “knockdown drag out.”

“Our border is wide open. You and Kyrsten [Sinema] have had a lot of time to do something about it, and even the Democrats are upset about it,” Lake began.

Ruben responded:

“We need to figure out how to get people here legally so they don’t go through the illegal matter.”

“We have plenty of people here, we have millions of people here,” Lake shot back.

“Fentanyl has killed more young people, and you’ve had an opportunity to vote.”

Gallego attempted to dodge these issues by claiming he appreciated the “civil conversation” they were having.

But Lake didn’t take the bait.


“You know what’s not civil? People dying on the streets, and in your district..” Lake said.

“Our state,” Gallego interjected.

“You’ve got veterans dying, and you’re voting to cut veterans [services?]” Lake asked.

Gallego responded by saying, “Absolutely not true.”

The two continued to wrestle over Trump’s success with building a border wall as Gallego attempted to de-escalate the situation.

Gallego responds by saying he looks forward to working together with Lake on the issues they discussed.

“No. I’m not working with you,” Lake quipped back before dropping the ultimate final take down.

“I’m going to beat you,” Lake said.

“I’m going to beat you, and we’re going to save Arizona.”

Last month, Lake filed her latest lawsuit after a court ruling against her in May following months of court battles over the 2022 election with Katie Hobbs.

She claimed that the election, which she narrowly lost to Katie Hobbs, was plagued with issues like malfunctioning election systems and improper signature verification.

Lake has since launched multiple efforts to overturn the results but has yet to see any success.

Her latest appeal dealt with election issues in Maricopa County and was transferred to an appeals court based in Tucson.

According to her opening brief, Lake has evidence to support her allegations.

“New evidence demonstrates that Maricopa falsely certified its 446 vote-center tabulators passed mandatory L&A certification testing prior to Election Day and strongly suggests Maricopa planned the Election Day debacle,” the brief filed with the court said. L&A stands for “logic and accuracy.”

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