Kamala Harris Announces 'Fight for Our Reproductive Freedoms Tour'


We forget who wrote it, but someone recently published a piece saying that Vice President Kamala Harris was the Biden campaign’s strongest asset and that the campaign should be putting her out in public more. With Joe Biden now hitting 81, Harris is one of the biggest reasons not to vote for Biden. She couldn’t even make it to Iowa with her own campaign but somehow ended up vice president.

To most of us, Harris represents a complete failure as Biden’s “border czar.” But as they’re quick to point out, her job wasn’t to secure the border; it was to travel to Central America to find the “root causes” of migration. Since then, illegal immigrants from around the world have crossed over the border.

But it looks like the Biden campaign has found a job for Harris. They’re sending her out on the “Fight for Reproductive Freedoms Tour.’

“A full-on attack” across our nation on a woman’s “fundamental freedom” to have an abortion.

The Biden campaign must think they can tap into the anger over Roe v. Wade being overturned to win the women’s vote.

An electric bus!


Remember, it was just this summer when CNN’s Dana Bash said, “I have not talked to a Democrat who wants abortion-on-demand til time of birth.” That was obviously a lie; at what stage of pregnancy did these Democrats think it was OK to ban abortion? How many weeks? Give us a number. MSNBC’s Jen Psaki weighed in, tweeting, “No one supports abortion up until birth.” She meant Democrats weren’t, like, cheering for late-term abortions.

She has other jobs. She has something to do with Space Force. And she’s also the administration’s point person on artificial intelligence (seriously).

We’ll see if voters care more about abortion or border security.

States elect presidents and states finally got the right back to craft their own legislation on abortion. We’ll see how popular Harris’ tour is.


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