Just for fun: You got caught red-handed, Alan – just pay the bill


Sometimes we have to step back from crazy and enjoy the random funny things that happen on TwitterX.

Such is the case of Alan Henney, who tweets ‘breaking crime news and more in the DC area’ … and recently tweeted a video of himself committing a crime in the DC area.

We’ll give you one guess of how people responded to Alan.

Yep, that pretty much sums up the majority of the responses. LOL.

Pay up, Alan.


Hey, he literally told us he tweets about breaking crime in DC.

Imagine Alan presenting his defense: ‘I just REALLY don’t want to pay $200, your honor!’


We’re happy to help out, too. At least Alan gave us all a good laugh.


That’s a worse ROI than a 401k under Joe Biden.

Ha! It literally says STOP in giant white letters on a red sign.

If the sign said ROLL, Alan would be just fine.

We call that ‘Alan just cost himself $200’.

LOL! Yes! The car behind him executed a textbook full stop.

Seriously. That dude must be an actor in driver education videos.

HAHA! We get it, Alan. $200 seems a bit extreme.

There’s a pretty simple way to avoid the fine though … just STOP.


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