Jumping Ship: Hedge Fund Billionaire Who Pushed DeSantis to Challenge Trump Discards FL Governor


Last Updated on September 18, 2023

The Florida Governor has lost a globalist sugar daddy. Warmonger billionaire Ken Griffin announced he would not be providing the Florida Governor any more money. Griffin has been a key part of DeSantis’ presidential run, even forcing the Florida Governor to change his tune to pro-Ukraine war messaging. Griffin’s abandonment of DeSantis is a clear signal that globalist billionaires are preparing to throw their money behind another candidate to stop Trump.

Griffin told CNBC’s Sara Eisen, ” I’m still on the sidelines as to who to support in this election cycle. Look, if I had my dream, we’d have a great Republican candidate in the primary who was younger, of a different generation, with a different tone for America. And we’d have a younger person on the Democratic side in the primary, who would have his message for our country.”

NationalFile reported DeSantis’ flip-flop position on the Ukraine War came from Griffin’s pressure campaign. Loomer committed on DeSantis’ flip flop posting on X, “Ken Griffin is controlling @GovRonDeSantis’s foreign policy. Ken Griffin is in bed with China. What type of favors will DeSantis “owe” Griffin now that Griffin has donated millions of dollars to elect DeSantis in 2024? Ron is bought and paid for like a political hooker.”

Now, here is the big question: will Griffin throw his funds toward Youngkin, Scott, or Christie? Or will Griffin wait to see Trump’s general election opponent and back them?

Virginia Governor Glenn Young Kin seems like the most logical person for Griffin to back. Young Kin, like Griffin, became rich off deals with the Chinese Communist Party. However, Youngkin has not officially announced he is running, despite appearing on Fox News on almost a daily basis.

Griffin could wait and decide to support Trump’s general election opponent. Biden’s Ukraine policy makes Griffin extremely happy. If the Democrats nominate Newsom or Michelle Obama, Griffin would likely be satisfied backing those people, too.

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