Judge Says FBI Improperly Withheld Information and Must Release Seth Rich’s Laptop


A massive win today in the unsolved murder of Seth Rich and those seeking to find the truth. Conservative attorney Ty Clevenger representing the Transparency project, and an ally to our own Matt Couch and his team.

Clevenger has been fighting for the truth with Couch, Couch’s attorney Eden Quainton, and countless others, who have given up everything for the pursuit of truth in this murder investigation that remains unsolved.

Today was a huge win, as a federal judge has said the FBI improperly withheld information regarding Seth Rich’s laptop under FOIA exemptions 6 and 7(C) when they didn’t give up the information as they should have. Big shocker, the FBI is corrupt and complicit yet again. The FBI also said they never took possession of Seth Rich’s laptop, and Clevenger and Quainton have proven that was a lie time and time again in federal court.

Let’s be very clear here folks, the FBI didn’t miss “a few pages,” they missed 20,000 pages and got by with it. This is a massive victory in justice for the unsolved murder of Seth Rich.

“With regard to Seth Rich’s laptop, the court finds the Government improperly withheld this information under FOIA Exemptions C and 7(C).

This is a developing story, we will keep you posted right here at The DC Patriot, the original home of those investigating the unsolved murder fo Seth Conrad Rich, founded by our own Matt Couch.

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