Journalist Tayler Hansen reveals he was ‘victim of illegal investigation’ by Biden admin after reporting on J6


Journalist Tayler Hansen, who has reported for this publication as well as others, revealed on X that he has been the “victim of an illegitimate investigation” by the Biden administration after his reporting on the events of January 6, 2021. “I was targeted by the US Government for doing my job and branded a Domestic Terrorist,” he said.

“The persecution of a reporter for doing his job is never acceptable,” Hansen told The Post Millennial. “Sadly, I am not the only one that this is happened to. There are thousands of ordinary Americans who have been unjustly targeted by DHS and their spying program, and there needs to be some real accountability. If anything is to happen to me due to publishing this document, it is blatant retaliation from the federal government.”

Hansen stated that he obtained documents from a whistleblower which revealed that he was listed as a “domestic terrorist,” was cataloged as having “violent tendencies,” and that he “resisted arrest.” Hansen said that none of this is true. The statement he obtained from that whistleblower even referenced appearances he made on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham.

This bears a striking similarity to the statement of charges leveled against recently freed journalist Owen Shroyer, who was sentenced to 60 days in prison. In documents advocating for his conviction and imprisonment, his television appearances were cited during which Shroyer was critical of government and the 2020 presidential election.

Hansen shared a document that he said he received, which showed that he was followed by three air marshals on 16 separate flights over a 2 year span, meaning that he had 48 air marshals assigned to him alone as he traveled across the country on reporting assignments. The document notably left his occupation blank.

The document states that “Hansen was one of the individuals who trespassed in the US Capital on 1/6/21. Hansen posed a video he was next to the person who was shot and provided an interview on Laura Ingram’s show stating he was in the building.”

“Violent Tendencies: CH includes charges of resisting a law enforcement officer.” Hansen gave interviews after covering the events of January 6, and one video shows him walking “side-by-side” with Ashli Babbit, the woman who was shot to death by Capitol Police on that day. He reported that the video he shot that day with Babbit “seems to disprove what mainstream media and our government have created as the official narrative around Ashli Babbit.”


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