Jonathan Turley dissects DC special counsel’s late Friday attempt to ‘curtail’ Trump


It’s become a running joke that every time something happens with the Bidens — i.e. a new allegation of corruption, etc. — a new indictment against Donald Trump drops.

That played out a little differently this week. Hunter Biden was indicted on felony gun charges, and late yesterday DC special counsel Jack Smith filed a motion seeking a gag order against Trump.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley has a thread taking a look at the latest attempt to put a crimp on the leading candidate for the Republican nomination: 

From Politico:

Special counsel Jack Smith is asking a judge to issue a gag order against Donald Trump, prohibiting him from attacking prosecutors, the judge or potential witnesses who may testify in his federal criminal trial stemming from his effort to subvert the 2020 election.

“The defendant’s past conduct, including conduct that has taken place after and as a direct result of the indictment in this case, amply demonstrates the need for this order,” prosecutors wrote, adding that Trump’s past salvos had already resulted in harassment of potential witnesses.

That order would, once again, basically amount to election interference:


“Some of the witnesses and parties are political figures.”

Is there anything done in DC that’s “good faith” anymore?

If anything the dozens and dozens of indictments might have had the opposite effect.

The timing on these things never fails:

Another day, another total coincidence!


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