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I can almost see John Kerry, bent in half, whispering into Biden’s ear as he snoozes behind the Resolute Desk. There’s an ice cream stain on the Commander in Chief’s Lapel, he reeks of BenGay, and there’s a bottle of Geritol spilled across his blotter as if he’d tried to overdose.

“I should have been president, you doddering corrupt little muppet.”

John, “Hide your Yacht” Kerry had his shot at making the Ketchup lady the First Lady and blew it. Stolen election, they say, but that’s what Democrats say every time they try to steal one, and someone does a better job. He was also swift-boated, which hints at campaign deceit, something else they are better at than Republicans. The Steele Dossier comes to mind. It didn’t prevent a presidency, but it bogged one down. There are still Democrats who think it is true. They are idiots. Or are they?

These days, Democrats can steal elections in broad daylight on camera, and if you point, jaw agape, saying, “But look!” you are a threat to democracy.

And John Frikkin Kerry is still collecting a taxpayer-funded paycheck. These days, he jet-sets to climate confabs and Klan Bakes in exotic locales to rub his blue-blood elbows with the global elite. Imparting wisdom as only he can, like how farming is threatening the planet. We need to feed people, but we need less farming.

I’m not confident the food giant that made the family of the woman John Kerry married rich will pave the path to making ketchup without farms, but it should. You, first, as they say. Put your emissions where your rhetoric is. But then, no. Kerry has made it clear that he must fly on private jets. How else can he save the rest of us from the sins of such privilege?

The same must be true for certain wealth accumulated thanks to condiments.







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