Joe Rogan reveals how California teacher attempted to indoctrinate his 5-year-old daughter into ‘woke, guilt-ridden ideology’


Joe Rogan revealed how a California teacher attempted to indoctrinate his 5-year-old daughter into a “woke, guilt-ridden ideology” on a recent episode of his popular podcast.

Rogan began by saying that there are “good schools” in the Austin area where he now lives, but noted that California is “much more problematic” when it comes to education.

“They hired some person to teach them that they have to be antiracists and it’s not good enough not to be racist,” Rogan began his rant.

“My kids aren’t racist at all,” he said on a recent “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. “What are you doing? Like, why are you putting that into their head? That they have to be antiracist and call out racism.”

Rogan declared that the teacher was “trying to make them be activists.”

“Hey, they’re five. They don’t even care. They want friends. They don’t give a f*** what their friends look like,” he said. “They are trying to have a good time. They’re five. They’re just playing.”

“You’re indoctrinating them into this woke, guilt-ridden ideology that you’re carrying around with you, and you feel like you have an obligation to impose this on children,” Rogan stated.

The prolific podcaster proposed that instead of being antiracist, we should strive to be a “color-blind society.”

“The Martin Luther King notion that we should treat people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin,” he added.

Rogan conceded that there are “inequities in communities,” and “some people are in places that have no hope.”

“None of the real problems get addressed, none of that gets fixed, none of that gets worked on, and instead, they just try to make kids feel guilty,” he said.

“I didn’t like the woke s**t,” Rogan declared. “I didn’t like that they were trying to ask kids their pronouns.”

In 2020, Rogan moved his family from California to Austin, Texas. He cited overpopulation in Los Angeles and having more freedom in Austin as the reason for the move.

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