Joe Rogan BLASTS Founder of Rolling Stone Magazine Over Him Saying Government Should Regulate the Internet (VIDEO)


Joe Rogan took to his top rated podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience and absolutely destroyed the founder of Rolling Stone Magazine, a liberal rag of a site that attacks anyone with differing opinions of Democrats or the American government.

Jann Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone magazine did not realize what he was walking into with this topic and Joe Rogan.

Wenner said, “The Internet’s great, and I love social media, you know? But like every other industry in the United States, it has to be regulated. If you don’t regulate it –”

“But who regulates it?” Rogan asked. 

“The government,” Wenner replied. 

“Do you trust the government to regulate the internet?” Rogan retorted. 

“Absolutely,” Wenner said.

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Rogan confused like anyone listening to the show had to ask more questions. Like how could someone be this naive? It’s no surprise since Rolling Stone is nothing more than a site/magazine that writes hit pieces on conservatives with differing views.

“You trust the people that got us into the Iraq War under false pretenses to regulate the internet?” Rogan pressed. “Do you think that makes any sense?”

Wenner tried to explain that it was politicians that lied and got America into the Iraq war, to which Rogan hammers him with “that is the government.”

“If they’re gonna be in power and they’re regulating the internet, they’re gonna regulate the internet in a way that suits their best interest. The same way they do with the banking industry, the same way they do with the environment, the same way they do with energy, the same way they do with everything,” Rogan explained. 

“What represents their interests? You’re talking about so much money involved in disseminating information,” he added.

Rogan continued… “I think we need to move forward collectively as a country with an ethic that respects truth and that it appreciates opinions and reality and an understanding of things that’s not necessarily possible with corporate interest involved in dissemination of information.”

“But there’s no way to do that except through the government… There’s no way that you can do that except through the government… Human nature’s not gonna change,” Wenner said.

“But the government’s not gonna change either,” Rogan added. 

“But the government is capable of change,” Wenner said.

This was a fascinating listen, and it literally shows common sense versus liberal logic in a short 3 minute conversation. Check it out below!


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