Joe Biden’s ‘Climate Reparations’ Scheme Punishes America for Building the Modern World


Last Updated on November 21, 2022

Joe Biden has entered the United States into a Maoist “climate reparations” scheme that punishes America and the West for building the modern world while exempting Communist China, the world’s top polluter, from making payments. The taxpayer money Biden sends abroad will be handed over to third-world governments, many of which are globally notorious for corruption.

The “climate reparations” agreement emanates from the infamous Paris Climate Accords but was officially struck at the recent COP27 summit in Egypt, where global government leaders and others met to address what they claim is a Western-driven global warming and climate change phenomenon.

The end result of the summit was Joe Biden unilaterally signing the United States up to pay climate reparations to third-world countries, for the supposed “loss and damage” they’ve suffered at the hands of car-driving, goods-producing Westerners.

The plan was signed without the consent of Congress or the American people, after US “climate envoy” and longtime environmental alarmist, John Kerry, claimed just weeks ago that it was a “well-known fact” that the reparations deal would never go through.

“That’s just not happening,” Kerry claimed before it happened.

According to a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, while House Republicans don’t have to actually appropriate any money to the “climate reparations” fund, Biden and company could take alternative routes to fund the climate scheme, including through development bank monies and fossil-fuel producer shakedowns.

“The Biden Administration’s surrender shows again that the religion of climate change is progressive penance for the sin of being prosperous,” the WSJ column reads.

While Biden has put the United States on the hook for untold billions worth of “climate reparations” to third-world countries that are already receiving massive aid payouts, Communist China, the world’s most notorious polluter, will be exempt from the scheme.

According to a report from JP, while Communist China claims to support the “climate reparations” fund, it won’t actually be contributing any cash.

Communist China claims to support the “climate reparations” scheme, but won’t be contributing any cash.

“We strongly support the claims from developing countries, especially the most vulnerable countries, for claiming loss and damage compensation because China is also a developing country and we also suffered a lot from extreme weather events,” says CCP “climate negotiator” Xie Zhenhua.

“It is not the obligation of China but we are willing to make our contribution and make our effort,” Xie went on, parroting the Maoist talking points so often used by the CCP to demonize the West and martyr Communist China.

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