Jodie Sweetin Is ‘Disappointed’ in Candace Cameron Bure Movie Sale


They grew up together on Full House, but Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron Bure don’t always see eye to eye. Jodie made that abundantly clear when she lashed out after learning that her upcoming movie, Craft Me a Romance, had been sold to the conservative Great American Family channel. 

GAF, where Candace serves as chief creative officer, was launched in part after other outlets such as the Hallmark Channel started featuring same-sex couples in their family-friendly fare. As Candace, 47, put it earlier this year, GAF would keep “traditional marriages” (i.e., heterosexual unions) at the core of its programming. 

Explaining that actors don’t have control over which network buys their projects, Jodie, 41, said she was “disappointed” by the move and vowed to continue her work for LGBTQ+ rights. “Jodie finds discrimination sickening in any form,” an insider told Life & Style. “Candace’s attitude is that she’s got nothing to defend, she merely follows God’s will.”

Las Vegas News Magazine

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