Jim Jordan Serves Top Federal Prosecutor Major Subpoena in Impeachment Inquiry


Congressman Jim Jordan, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has served as a top federal prosecutor in the Hunter Biden investigation a subpoena as he continues to uncover political malfeasance used to protect Biden’s son.

The committee released a letter accompanying the subpoena, which was posted on X, commanding Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf to answer questions about attempts by Joe Bided and AG Merrick Garland to steer the investigation away from the president or tip-off defense attorneys to search warrants.

The committee writes:

“Based on the Committee’s investigation to date, it is clear that you possess specialized and unique information that is unavailable to the Committee through other sources and without which the Committee’s inquiry would be incomplete.”

It adds that prosecutors may have tipped off Hunter’s attorneys about a search warrant for a storage locker and prohibiting investigators from probing witnesses about “the big guy” in communications between Hunter and business associates, referencing his father.

Wolf reports to Delaware US Attorney and special counsel David Weiss, who recently announced charges against Hunter Biden related to tax evasion and gun possession.

Hunter’s plea deal on the tax crimes fell apart after the defense attorneys objected to the possibility that their client could be charged at a later date for purchasing a firearm as a drug user.

Federal prosecutors planned to drop all charges against Hunter until IRS and FBI whistleblowers came forward alleging preferential treatment.

Gary Shapley testified that Weiss was initially denied special counsel powers, top prosecutors were removed from the case, and his team was blocked from pursuing leads that could have implicated President Biden.

Earlier this month, Weiss testified to the Judiciary Committee that political calculations played no role in Wolf’s decision to pursue charges against Hunter.

“I believe she is an excellent lawyer and is a person of integrity,” he told members.

Attorneys for Hunter blasted Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon, and former President Donald Trump for a stoking of political passions meant to interfere with impartial justice in his case.

He even demanded that Trump himself be served with a subpoena.

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